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Your Child Is in Great Hands

Happy Children

About Us

Behind the scenes Juana Cruz (administrator and co-owner) and Sujeidi Henriquez (Provider and co-owner) are two women with a common goal, to help families transition from raising their child(ren) in the home, to attending their very first preschool. Juana Cruz believed her family would benefit from a preschool environment, where her youngest of five would excel in academics at an early age. Sujeidi Henriquez transitioned from working abroad to working in New York and found it to be so different yet very much the same. She learned that the large percentage of educators , providers, and even parents, want the same for their little ones. They want their child(ren) to grow in a safe and secure environment, while preparing them for the future. Together, Juana and Sujeidi made the life changing decision to start a home daycare business. 

Meet the Team


Ms. Sue


Ms. Ivet


Ms. Lyla


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