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Now Accepting Applications



Sue's Prep is currently accepting applications for enrollment into our all day and after school programs. Speak to a provider or an administrator to get information  on how best to include your child(ren)  into this wonderful learning environment we offer! Parents of prospective enrollees are welcomed to schedule an appointment and tour our daycare.  At that time we can discuss your expectations for your child(ren)'s educational future. Additionally, we will discuss Sue's Prep's policies, procedures and also including but not limited to tuition and fees.


We look forward to hearing from you! 

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  • Is Sue's Prep Daycare Licensed?
    Yes! We are proud to announce that Sue's Prep is a New York State licensed Group Family Daycare.
  • How many children can attend the daycare?
    The current maximum capacity of Sue's Prep Group Family Daycare is 16 children.
  • Do you provide extended hours?
    We provide extended hours during the morning and afternoon.
  • Do you provide weekend daycare?
    Currently, we do not provide weekend daycare.
  • How do you keep parents up to date on thier child(ren)'s daily activity or behavior?
    We offer daily reports with details on your child's educational and recreational activity using a fun and easily accesible mobile phone application. Additonally, via the application we provide details to parents regarding your child(ren)'s daily food and snack intake and also bathroom visits and potty training activities.
  • Do you provide meals or snacks? and if so, what snacks do you serve?"
    We provide breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day for your child(ren). Parents can provide any extra food or snacks that may be specific for a childs needs ex. (food allergies, gluten free, sugar free etc.)
  • How do you handle meals for children with allergies?
    Sue's Prep is a peanut free group family daycare. Meals for children with allergies are planned between the provider and parent of the child(ren). Special precautions will be taken as to not cross contaminate the child(ren)'s meals or snacks.
  • Is there a daycare visitation policy or can parents or legal guardians drop by whenever they like?
    Yes, there is a visitation policy and parents must schedule an appointment when they would like to visit the daycare during and outside of normal operating hours. This is very important as to not disrupt the daily classroom schedule and to adhere to the safety protocols currently in place regarding COVID-19 guidelines. Speak to the provider or the administrator to schedule a visit!
  • Does Sue's Prep offer transportation for its students?
    Currently, Sue's Prep does not offer transportation for its students. At this time students must be dropped off and picked up.
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